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2nd G-Quiz, Labor Union Team Introduction
  • Vlog
  • 2nd G-Quiz, Labor Union Team Intr...
  • Efforts for a healthy labor-management culture of GMB KOREA! We go a step closer and listen to people. We would like to introduce the labor union team of GMB KOREA. GMB KOREA labor union was established in 1988. It is the 34th anniversary this year. If the company is centered on management, the labor union is a collective group of workers, which plays a role for workers to d...

G-Quiz Sales Team Introduction
  • Vlog
  • G-Quiz Sales Team Introduction
  • #GMB #automechanic #car  GMB Korea is leading the eco-friendly automobile industry. Talented people with passions and the world's best technology have gathered here in GMB Korea! We are responsible for GMB Korea's sales! Let’s introduce the sales team leading the growth of GMB! • Sales Team 1) Mainly in charge of domestic sales. They carry out...

The Thrilling GMB RC Car Drift Championship Final!
  • Vlog
  • The Thrilling GMB RC Car Drift C...
  • Thank you for watching who will win.If you enjoyed it, please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel so that we can continue to provide you with interesting and informative content.

【GMB RC Car Semi-Final】 Who will prevail in the com...
  • Vlog
  • 【GMB RC Car Semi-Final】 Who wi...
  • Nice to meet you!Those of you who came to watch the semi-final video of the GMB RC Car Drift Championship!Enjoy the show and don't miss the final game, which will be uploaded!

GMB RC Car Battle - Test Driving
  • Vlog
  • GMB RC Car Battle - Test Driving...
  • The RC car drift racing competition was organized (hosted) by GMB, and GMB also participated using its own parts.The first video shows the competing cars practicing before the match.

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