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GMB 80th Anniversary
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  • GMB 80th Anniversary
  • Contact. amsales@gmb.co.kr ---------------------------------------------------- "GMB is celebrating its 80th anniversary of providing the world's finest automobile parts, all founded on our core principle. Harmony is the cornerstone where we share and fulfill our vision upholding respect and understanding for one another. While the automobile parts we produce may seem cold and rigid,...

How Does a Timing Chain Kit Work? – GMB
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  • How Does a Timing Chain Kit Work?...
  • Contact. amsales@gmb.co.kr ---------------------------------------------------- A Timing Chain synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft(s) ensuring proper timing and allows the engine's valves to open and close during each cylinder's firing. It has semi-permanent durability, low-noised chain technology and high heat resistant materials. GMB offers extensive application cov...

[GMB] 4th G-Quiz, Finance Team
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  • [GMB] 4th G-Quiz, Finance Team
  • We plan and manage the flow of money! Quickly, accurately, more transparently! The light and salt of GMB management! We are GMB KOREA Finance Team. GMB KOREA's finance team supplies necessary funds to the right place, discloses monthly and quarterly accounting settlements for investors and does tax returns. Q. What is absolutely necessary for people who dream of joining...

[GMB] 3rd G-Quiz, HR Team
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  • [GMB] 3rd G-Quiz, HR Team
  • From recruitment to resignation, we are there for you! We would like to introduce the HR team of GMB KOREA, which is dedicated to discovering and nurturing talented people. The HR team manages general issues such as recruitment and retirement of GMB employees. We are in charge of development of talented people, performance management, organization management, recruitment and ...

[GMB] 2nd G-Quiz, Labor Union Team Introduction
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  • [GMB] 2nd G-Quiz, Labor Union Tea...
  • Efforts for a healthy labor-management culture of GMB KOREA! We go a step closer and listen to people. We would like to introduce the labor union team of GMB KOREA. GMB KOREA labor union was established in 1988. It is the 34th anniversary this year. If the company is centered on management, the labor union is a collective group of workers, which plays a role for workers to d...

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