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Oil pump

The rotor type oil pump used in automobile engines is a volumetric pump and is designed to draw and discharge lubricants by the engagement of the rotor. Classified as inner gear type, outer gear type, inner and outer rotor type, depending on the driving method and mounting position.
The oil pump consists of body parts, pumping parts, relief valves, and other components.
The body consists of a housing and a cover and the overall appearance of the oil pump. The pumping part is a device that transmits energy to the fluid (oil) and converts it to the required pressure, consisting of a pressure port and an suction port. The purpose of the relief valve installation is to control excessive oil pressure during high power and cooling start of the engine.
Structure of Oil pump
Oil pump
Oil pump
Oil pump
Oil pump


  • Light weight design
  • Prevention of cavitation(high speed revolve, lower noise)
  • The speed of oil flow is low(long life span, lower noise)

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