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Fan clutch

The fan clutch is a part that regulates the speed of the fan to supply cooled air to the radiator. When the engine temperature rises, a lot of air is introduced to help cool the engine. It is located at the rear part of the radiator and driving power is delivered from water pump pulley or fan pulley.
As the temperature of the engine coolant rises and the thermostat opens, hot coolant is supplied to the radiator and the temperature of the air passing through the radiator increases. As the bimetal of the fan clutch expands and when it bends outward, the valve pin that was pressing the pressed valve lever also comes out, and when the supply port opens, silicon oil in the storage room is supplied. Some of the silicon supplied escapes to the return port on the other side and the amount of torque left over is transmitted, increasing the speed of the cooling fan.
Structure of Fan clutch
Fan clutch
Fan clutch
Fan clutch


  • Designed for quick response and optimized air flow at any conditions.
  • By using a high durable viscous fluid, it increases the fuel efficiency & lowers the noise of the vehicle.

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